We have hundreds of reviews on TripAdvisor and have been awarded their ‘Certificate of Excellence’.

Here are just a couple:

"As an Italian American raised in an area of Italian families who were "old country" I must say that the food here was the best I've had in a very long time. Family owned and with their family chef at the ready, this meal was the best I've had in years and that is after having visited Italy a few years ago. Great service, friendly staff and a willingness to take the "extra step" to please the customer was amazing. Located near the Albert and Victoria museum, it is a must do place to eat. Ciao and Buon Appetito!!!"

"A great family run restaurant putting every chain to shame. This is what an evening out is all about. Great food, great service and (weirdly for the south of England) people that do interact with their customers. The kind of place you want to keep a secret to yourself but they deserve to be recognised by a much wider audience."

"Lovely fresh bruschetta followed by the most delicious gnocchi with wild mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and basil. Food right up my street and I could have licked the plate clean. What a shame I just couldn't fit in the delicious-looking tiramisu - but I will be back. Charming and attentive service and a bustling atmosphere meant I didn't feel awkward eating alone. A real find!"

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